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A Steady Investment


Is your money protected from a sudden market downturn?

Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for. With an annuity, you can help avoid the downside risks of directly investing in the market while still providing growth opportunities. They also help provide added peace of mind that you have the option for lifetime retirement income.

Annuities, while one of the many tools you can have in your toolbox, are the only tool that represents guaranteed lifetime income backed by the strength of the issuing company. Since they come with fixed interest rates, they’re shielded from sudden or unexpected market downturns while providing reduced costs and reduced risks.

Purposes of an Annuity

  • Income: Annuities replace your paycheck in retirement and serve as a renewed pension.
  • Bond Alternatives: While both shelter your funds from risks and encourage growth, annuities’ protection from rising interest rates won’t cause your money to go down.
  • Tax-Deferred: Deferring taxes means an annuity serves as a tax-efficient tool for your retirement.

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