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Long-Term Care Strategies

Prepare for the Unexpected


Are you concerned about your money working for you at the end of your life?

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Prepare for the unexpected with a long-term care plan. With a long-term care policy, you can feel more at ease knowing that if a health crisis comes along, you have a plan in place.

By the time you turn 67, funding long-term care will become a necessity. By that point, your chances of reaching 97 increase exponentially. The time will come, sooner or later, when something unforeseen will happen, and you’ll want money in place when it does. You’ll also want to fund that money effectively, consistently, and tax-efficiently.

Shepherd Wealth Solutions understands that you want to be in control of your care. That’s why we explore all options when it comes to long-term care, including multiple redundancies, so that your funds are covered.

But what if you’re fortunate enough to not need long-term care? Not to worry. Unspent money can be returned to you or your loved ones. If you don’t use it, you don’t lose it.

Keeping It In the Family

One of the biggest concerns clients have is where their money will go once they’re gone. We make sure that your money doesn’t get away from your family or estate, and that it ends up right where you want it through a death benefit or premium.

Doing so ensures your spouse and or/loved ones are provided for after you’re gone and don’t have to concern themselves with paying out of their own pockets. We want you to be able to make your money last as long as you do and get the most out of it.

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