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Estate Planning

Getting Your Affairs in Order


Do you wonder where your money will go after you’re gone?

With the right estate plan, you can help plan and prepare for whatever comes so that your family isn’t left with anything less than what you want for them. We can help you protect and transfer your assets efficiently and effectively while minimizing taxes.

It’s vital to control your wealth during your life so it’s preserved after death. Shepherd Wealth Solutions employs several estate and trust planning strategies to create something that doesn’t die. We consider the long-term outlook for your wealth and build your investments so that your money is saved now and at death.

We also recognize the importance of a tax-efficient estate. Transferring wealth doesn’t have to mean transferring taxes, too. We work to offset taxable money now, not just at the point of death. That way, your estate is preserved for the future and your assets remain assets, not a tax burden.

We can help control your wealth during life so it remains preserved after death.

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